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Sale of scrap and semi-finished non-ferrous metal products

Organization, willingness, excellent services: these characteristics have made
Borra Metalli a point of reference in Brescia and its province, not only in the
collection and storage of metals, but also in the sale of scrap and semi-finished
non-ferrous metal products.

Here you will find different types of metals:


We are specialized in the recovery of many types of copper: millberry copper, berry/candy copper, granulated copper, and tinned copper.

Brass and alloys

We carefully sort and process many kinds of brass: brass honey, mixed brass, brass bar pieces, brass bar turning, brass plate, and mixed turnings.

Stainless steel

We process iron and carbon-based alloys which resist corrosion. We deal with: 304/316 turning, 304/316 sheet metal, collection, titanium, and nickel alloys.


We grant maximum performance and quality of any aluminium scrap: aluminum profiles, new casing aluminum, mixed casing aluminum, aluminum turning, offset aluminum plate, aluminum plate, and mixed aluminum plate.


The alloy with which Borra Metalli started its activity. We process all kinds of bronze: bronze scrap, bronze turning, brall turning, brall scrap, and bronze alloys.


A very common material with applications in different sectors. We process different kinds of this material, like new zamak, raw zamak, mixed and galvanized zamak.


We process mixed lead which is a soft, dense, ductile, and malleable metal.

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    Collection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

    Are you interested in purchasing non-ferrous metal scrap and semi-finished metal products? Our team is at your disposal. Contact us!

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    Copper packets

    Thanks to our avant-garde equipment and machineries, we manage to process different types of scrap that we select in order to give our customers excellent and high quality results.

    We also deal with the volumetric adjustment of copper in “packets”, using a hydraulic press. On demand, we recover any scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metal that is on the market, like nickel silver and zinc.

    Are you a company?

    We quantify and sell metals to mechanical workshops, foundries, and manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

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